Questions about the Company

Questions concerning financial results and business performance

Questions concerning the Company's stock

  • Where is the Company listed?
    The Company is listed on the Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • What is the security code of the Company?
    The Company's security code is 4478.
  • What is the trading unit of the Company's stock?
    The trading unit of the Company's stock is 100 shares.
  • What is the situation of the Company's dividends?
    While the Group considers the redistribution of profits to shareholders one of the most important issues in its business operation, given the short history of the Company, the Company believes it will be in the shareholder's best interest to enhance its internal reserves for future expansion in addition to strengthening its overall financial stability. As such, the Company has not made any distribution of dividends since its incorporation, and intends to focus on the enhancement of its internal reserve for the time being.
    It is stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation of the Company that, in the event of a distribution from its surplus, it will be made principally on an annual basis, and other interim dividends may be made on an annual basis as well as on the basis of a [pre-determined cut-off date]. Furthermore, it is stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation of the Company that the its board of directors shall be decision-making body responsible for such decisions concerning the allocation of surplus, pursuant in accordance with Paragraph 1, Article 459 of the Companies Act.
  • When are the shareholders meetings held?
    The annual shareholders meetings are scheduled to be held in September.
  • Who is the shareholder registry administrator of the Company?
    The Company's shareholder registry administrator is Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.
  • Where can I make inquiries concerning transfer of shares, change of address and other procedures?
    Please contact your securities company.
  • Does the company provide any shareholder benefits?
    The Company does not provide shareholder benefits.