Esg Data


CO₂ Emissions by Electric Power Consumption

SCOPE1 (kg-CO₂)000
SCOPE2 (kg-CO₂)256,854308,650409,359
SCOPE1,2 (Total)256,854308,650409,359
Electric Power Consumption (kwh)589,977709,624937,354


  1. Data source of emission factor:
  2. Figures indicates for Tokyo and Kansai offices
  3. SCOPE2 indicates CO₂ emissions from electricity use in offices
  4. CO₂ emission factor:
    • Tokyo region:0.441kg-CO₂/kwh
    • Kansai region:0.350kg-CO₂/kwh


Data on employees

Total number of employees7261,0831,510
Full-time employees5729161,299
Non-regular employees154167211
Ratio of female21.5%22.2%25.23%
Ratio of female managers9.9%12.2%12.55%
Average years of service2.42.41.8
Average age32.933.033.1
Acquisition rate64.7%65.3%70.2%
Acquisition rate of childcare leave
Ratio of employees with disabilities1.99%2.16%2.91%
  1. FY2021 covers freee K.K., freee Biz K.K. , and freee finance lab K.K. only, FY2022 onwards includes all subsidiaries(Number of employees, Full-time employees, Non-regular employees only).
  2. Non-regular employees: Number of contractual employees and part-time.
  3. Ratio of female, average years of service, average age, acquisition rate, and acquisition rate of childcare leave covers regular employees only.


Number of female directors

Number of directors*77
Number of female directors*22

* Included the number of directors who are members of the Audit and Supervisory Committee.

Number of attendance at meetings of the Board of Directors

 Number of meetings heldNumber in attendance(%)SasakiTogoYokojiClarkNaitoKawaiAsada
FY2023.0614Number in attendance14141414141414

Number of attendance at meetings of the Audit and Supervisory Committee

 Number of meetings heldNumber in attendance(%)NaitoKawaiAsada
FY2023.0614Number in attendance141414