“Empower Small Businesses to Take Center Stage”

We believe small businesses are unique and creative, and they can promote diverse values and work styles and create new movements for a sustainable society. Believing that the leverage of technology is essential for small businesses to be successful, we founded freee K.K. in 2012 and released “Accounting freee” (currently “freee Accounting”).
By providing freee Accounting, freee HR, and other relevant services, we believe that we can create an environment where everyone can manage their business freely and easily, and thus contribute to customers’ sustainable business operations.
At the same time, for freee itself to be a sustainable organization, we have been working to build an organization where each one of our employees can realize their full potential.
Going forward, we will continue to advance our ESG efforts with the aim of achieving a sustainable society under our mission, “Empower Small Businesses to Take Center Stage.”

Daisuke Sasaki, Co-founder and CEO, freee K.K.