Policy on the environment

The freee Group is committed to its mission, “Empower Small Businesses to Take Center Stage,” and aims to create an environment where everyone can manage their business freely and easily. We believe that small businesses, which have the ability to turn ideas into reality with boldness and speed, can promote diverse values and work styles that have never been known before and serve as a catalyst to bring about innovation that is essential to a sustainable society. By providing freee Accounting, freee HR, and other various online services, we aim to be a part of customers’ efforts to promote paperless operations and reduce unnecessary travel, and thereby contribute to mitigating environmental impacts on society at large.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues that must be addressed in order to achieve a sustainable society. Changes in climate patterns and extreme weather events can have a significant impact on society. As part of our efforts to address climate change, we in the freee Group are committed to measuring, disclosing, and reducing our energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions while also utilizing green energy.

Efforts to utilize renewable energy

The impact that the freee Group, which engages in providing Internet services, has on climate change primarily comes from the consumption of electricity. Accordingly, as we work to reduce our environmental impact, it is particularly important to reduce the consumption of electricity while also utilizing renewable energy.

As we provide our services, we utilize environmentally conscious cloud services that use renewable energy, such as AWS (Amazon Web Service).

Efforts to mitigate the physical risks of climate change

Extreme weather events and other effects resulting from climate change can impact the freee Group’s services.

As the freee Group has established all of its services on cloud services for which scalability and reliability are secured and also utilizes cloud services composed of multiple data centers, the physical risks of climate change will not have a real impact on the Group unless the multiple data centers that the Group uses fail simultaneously.

Moreover, almost all of our internal operation systems also utilize cloud services, meaning that the probability of the physical risks of climate change materializing and directly impacting the continuation of our operations remains extremely low.