Basic Policy on Human Rights


The freee Group is committed to its mission, “Empower Small Businesses to Take Center Stage,” and aims to create an environment where everyone can manage their business freely and easily. As a company contributing to society, the freee Group, under this Basic Policy on Human Rights, works to deepen understanding of human rights of all stakeholders related to its corporate activities and strives to achieve a society where human rights are respected by building on the worldview that the Group pursues and the experiences that it offers.

Commitment to human rights

The freee Group is committed to respecting human rights in all aspects of its corporate activities, thereby contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

Reference and scope

In compliance with the international human rights standards*1, the freee Group avoids engaging in discrimination or human rights violations in all of its services and business activities and demands that suppliers, business partners, and all engaging in small businesses should observe these standards and respect and not violate human rights.

Respect for diversity

The freee Group does not allow any discrimination, harassment, or unfavorable treatment in its corporate activities for reasons such as race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, origin, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, age, whether they are with disabilities or not, and illness, provides equal opportunity for all in recruitment, assessment, development, placement, pay raise and promotion, appointment, etc., and works to create an environment where diverse people can be who they are.

Prevention of forced labor and child labor

The freee Group prohibits all forced labor and child labor and ensures compliance in its business activities.

Working hours and wages

The freee Group properly manages working hours and provides holiday, leave, etc., and complies with laws and regulations. We also strive to create a workplace environment where everyone can continue to be who they are without concern and work on business with confidence. In addition, we comply with laws and regulations on minimum wage, extra wage for overtime work, equal pay for equal work and other matters concerning wages and pay proper wages.

Maintaining employees’ safety and health

The freee Group pays close attention to employees’ mental and physical health and ensures a workplace environment that is safe, healthy, and conducive to work-life balance. We also comply with laws, ordinances, regulations, and rules on safety and hygiene and take proper measures to address health risks in order to maintain employees’ mental and physical health.

Protecting freedom of expression and privacy

We recognize freedom of expression and protection of privacy in correspondence and communication on the Internet and social media and pay maximum attention to prevent violation of freedom of expression and privacy. Moreover, we treat all readers and users in a fair and equitable way and provide services that are both secure and convenient.


The Organizational Development Council, which includes the Representative Director and CEO, takes charge of the implementation of this policy, works to promote this policy across all officers and employees as well as external stakeholders, and actively advances human rights awareness raising efforts.

The international human rights standards are “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” “United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights,” “Children's Rights and Business Principles,” and the eight fundamental Conventions of International Labour Organization (ILO)*2.

The eight fundamental Conventions of International Labour Organization (ILO): “Forced Labour Convention,” “Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention,” “Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention,” “Equal Remuneration Convention,” “Abolition of Forced Labour Convention,” “Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention,” “Minimum Age Convention,” and “Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention.”